How to select a Spanish Tutor in London

Learning a new language like Spanish is a big lifetime decision. It will involve a long-term commitment to learn the language effectively and is almost like a life journey. Many people underestimate the time and effort that is necessary to learn Spanish when they first start.


For this reason is essential that you get a highly qualified and experienced professional to help you learning Spanish. What does this mean? That you need someone that fully understand the process of learning a language and therefore is capable to guide you through that journey in a structured yet interesting manner so that you don’t lose your motivation.


There are many platforms and websites available to choose Spanish tutors in London. However you shouldn’t consider all of them reliable.  Some sites are generic sites offering tutoring services for all subjects. The truth is any individual can register themselves in those websites and offer their services as a Spanish tutor or a math tutor or any subject they want. Since it is a digitalized platform there is no scrutiny done because those tutors are not the employees of those sites, meaning there are no background checks done about the teachers professionalism, quality or even if the background that they claim they have is true or not. On the other hand if you find a Spanish tutor in London from one site which is specialized in teaching Spanish only, those sites the teachers there are full time staff and therefore reliable. Why would be more reliable? As simple as if their teachers happen to be bad and they don’t care about the quality of their teachers, soon enough they will be out of business. Therefore they ensure that their teachers are not only qualified but all rounded individuals capable of motivating students and making sure they stick to the long term path of learning a language like Spanish.

How to select a Spanish Tutor in London


It must be emphasized again that learning a new language like Spanish takes time and requires not only having a great experienced and motivated teacher but also a good dose of self-motivation and commitment. It can be frustrating to learn Spanish for a few months and then go to Spain and realize that you can’t communicate with the locals much. Learning a new language requires the mastering of 4 main skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening. You might be very good at reading and writing but if you didn’t have much contact with locals your listening and speaking skills will have a very low standard.


Keeping that in mind take the learning experience as a fun project so that you will be able to slowly improve while enjoying the process. If you feel exhausted you can always take a break for 1-2 months and restart your studies again!

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