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Spanish adult beginner group teaser course
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Why learn Spanish?

💼 Do you want to boost your career?: Open up the possibility to work with Spanish companies, network and improve your career opportunities.

🌍 Do you want to travel?: Understand the culture in Spanish-speaking countries, travel and broaden horizons

👥 Do you want to make new friends?: Get to know new people in class and outside of the classroom.

📝 Hobby: Pick up a new hobby that enriches life

Features of the course

✅ Taught by native qualified Spanish teachers

👥 Limited to 3-6 students per class

📚 Interactive and structured content

💰 Price: HKD 1980 / 5-week course

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📅Schedule: Every week same day same time

Every option means you will start that day, and then every week the course will take place on the same day, time and location.

Click date to register in Tsim Sha Tsui:

Click date to register in Causeway Bay:

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