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The French courses at the French Teachers Association of HK

If you are interested in learning French in Hong Kong, we strongly recommend you to take a french Course at the French Teachers Association of Hong Kong. Their French courses like ours are all in a small group class setting. All groups are limited to 2-5 students, making it an ideal environment to learn the French language.

It is well known that learning French is not easy. The pronunciation is difficult, grammar is much more complicated than English and students struggle very much in the listening and speaking abilities. For this reason it is very important to select the right place to learn French and make sure that you have a French native qualified teacher that knows how to teach you.

If you learn at the French Teachers Association you can be sure that they follow rigorous French teaching methods and that the money that you are paying is well spent.

If you are looking to prepare for a specific exam, they are very familiar with the syllabus and many of their teachers are official examiners in Hong Kong for exams like the DELF or the IB.

If you prefer taking private classes they can also provide you a private french tutor that can come all the way to your house with an extra charge or you can simply learn at their facilities. By having a private teacher you can learn at your own pace and he or she will be able to prepare the lessons focused on the topics that you are most interested in or the skills that you want to put more focus on.

In this 2020 they have some adult group classes under promotion price which we recommend you to have a try if you are interested in learning French! They also have a program coordinator that can give you orientation about any kind of topics like which exams you can take or work together with you about your learning goals.

Last but not least if you learn French while learning Spanish at the same time you can benefit from the fact that both  languages share many similarities and therefore you will be able to catch up French faster than your classmates!

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