Teacher and Pupil

Our Organization

With decades of history in hk, our organization it is know for its quality and professionalism.  The Spanish Culture association was formed by people with an interest in the Spanish language and culture and it continues to expand  until today.

Our Students

The spanish culture association of Hong Kong has hundreds of students from all ages and backgrounds. Our wide range or group and private lessons adapt to fit anyone with an interest to learn the language.

Our Mission 

The Hong Kong Spanish Culture Association aims to provide the best spanish learning environment to all our students to make sure they can master the language and efficiently communicate on a daily environment.

Our  Teachers

We are a team of over 15 native spanish qualified teachers. All of us with a degree or master in teaching and at least 5 years of experience. Our promise is that if you are not happy with the assigned teacher, the class will be free of charge and you are welcome to switch to another class.


David Cornado


Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, Rovira i Virgili University

Master in Chemical Engineering and Processes,

Rovira i Virgili University

Master in Business Management, University of Warwick


Pedro Yu

Vice Chairman

Bachelor in Internet & Multimedia Technologies,

Minor in Design,

Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Eva Wong


Bachelor in Property Management, City University of Hong Kong


Josep Medina

Business Development

Bachelor in Advertising
Master in Online Marketing

Rovira i Virgili University


Antonio Susperregui

Head Academic Director

Bachelor in Biology,

University of Seville

Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language,

Nebrija University

Doctor in Biomedicine

University of Barcelona


Yoan Amsellem

Vice Academic Director

Master in Business Administration,

Toulouse Business School

Core members

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