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Spanish Lessons for Teenagers

✨ Why your kid should learn Spanish as a teenager?

  • Academic advantage: Spanish is a valuable asset for college applications and future career prospects. 

  • Personal Growth: Learning Spanish challenges teenagers to step out of their comfort zone, boosts self-confidence, and promotes a sense of accomplishment and personal growth.

  • Expand Their World: Help Your Child Become a Global Citizen with Spanish, enabling them to travel & connect with more ease.

✅ Guaranteed quality:

  • Taught by native qualified Spanish teachers.

  • Includes four weekly lessons.

👥  Class Size and age:

  • Limited to 2-6 students per class.

  • Small class sizes to ensure personalised attention.

  • Students separated by age +/- year difference.

📚 Content:​



  • Semi-intensive: 1700 HKD/month for 4 lessons of 1.5 hours.

  • Regular: 1200 HKD/month for 4 lessons of 1.5 hours.


  • New openings every month.

  • Whatsapp or contact us to find the newest schedules.

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Further information about Spanish lessons for teenagers

Why learning Spanish as a teenager? 
The potential of Spanish in a global economy. 


Spanish is the official language of 21 different countries and, according to the 2017 report of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes, it is the second most spoken mother tongue in the world after Mandarin. Moreover, the number of native speakers will steadily increase until 2050, while these of Mandarin and English will decrease. Including non-native speakers there are currently 572 millions of Spanish users around the world. 

The predictions also focus on how Spanish will affect the Anglo-Saxon world. In 2060 the USA is estimated to be the second Spanish speaking country by number of native speakers, with 119 millions. An evidence of that is that the number of students of Spanish in American universities exceeds the combination of the total number of students of other foreign languages in those same institutions. Also in the United Kingdom Spanish is perceived as the most important language for the near future. 

Being aware of all this the Hong Kong government decided recently to add Spanish as a “Other Language Subject” of the HKDSE certificate, in that case evaluated by the DELE exam performance. It is clear then that Spanish will increase undoubtedly the professional opportunities for your son/daughter in this global scenario. 

Our regular Spanish for teens program takes place once a week and each class will last for 1 hour. The price will be 1200 HKD a month for 4 lessons of 1 hour or 1700 HKD a month for 4 lessons of 1.5 hours. Each group is strictly limited to only 3-6 students. Contact us for more information about the current available groups.

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Who is going to develop this potential in my son/daughter?
How is this going to be done? The teacher as an ally.


All of our teachers are native Spanish speakers with experience in teaching teenagers individually or in small groups. In addition, many of them have studied master in secondary education, the equivalent to the Hong Kong PGDE or British PGCE, and/or have had specific training in teaching a foreign language to kids and teens. Given that, all that our teachers have developed many professional abilities and tools to deal with teenagers and the particularities of their learning manners.

Acquiring a second language is not as simple as learning contents, but differs from it as it is a skill that should be learned, practiced and developed step by step. Apart from teaching the grammar and vocabulary and creating close-to-real situations in the class to provide a good practice, our teachers work the cognitive processes of their students for making them conscious about the fundaments of the language. This will strongly settle the basis for a continuous education that will finally end up in mastering Spanish. 

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Materials used for teaching Spanish to teenagers: 
Matching the materials to the specific goals. 

In our institution we use a wide range of materials for teaching Spanish to teens, and the decision of using one or another depends on factors such as the age of the student, the phase of learning -beginner, intermediate or advance- he/she is at, the curriculum wishing to be followed and the main goal, either if it’s advancing on the level of Spanish or preparing a near future official exam. The choice is to be taken by the teacher once he/she knows the goal with the support of our academic coordination staff and the agreement of the parents. 

All the textbooks we recommend are up to date and are complemented, when needed, with extra materials that belong to the corresponding teachers resources package or with some activities specifically design by the teacher in order to focus on particular contents. When facing a near future official exam real past papers are used to practice close to real conditions and guarantee the student’s success. 

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How to improve the possibilities of my son/daughter entering the university I want to? 

Preparing teens to perform better in the secondary school official exams is our expertise. Hong Kong schools develop a varied offer of curriculum that grants the students access universities here but also or all over the world. We are big experts in these curriculums, and we have helped for years students preparing their IB Diploma exams (International Baccalaureate), I/GCSE and A-Levels (British curriculum) and HKDSE (local curriculum). 

For learning more about how we prepare teenagers for their official exams visit the specific section of DELE, IB Spanish, IGCSE Spanish, A-levels and HKDSE Spanish

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To know more about specific contents of each course or lesson plans do not hesitate to contact us!
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