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Spanish Courses for Kids and Spanish Playgroup 

✨ Why your kid should start Spanish at an early age?

  • Plant the Seeds of Success: Early Spanish Learning Fuels Future Achievements.

  • Accent-Free Fluency: Start Spanish Now, Speak Like a Native Later.

  • Expand Their World: Help Your Child Become a Global Citizen through Spanish.

  • Differentiate from the rest and Set your kid's path for a bright future!

✅ Guaranteed quality:

  • Taught by native qualified Spanish teachers.

  • Includes four weekly lessons, of one hour each.

👥  Class Size and age:

  • Limited to 2-6 students per class.

  • Small class sizes to ensure personalised attention.

  • Spanish playgroup 3-5 years old. Spanish kids 6-8 years old.

📚 Content:​

  • Fun and interactive lessons to engage young learners.

  • Introduction to Spanish language and culture through songs, games, and activities. 

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  • Monthly fee: 1200 HKD.

  • Includes four weekly lessons, of one hour each.


  • New openings every month.

  • Whatsapp us to find the newest schedule.

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More information about learning Spanish as a preschooler or kid

Learning Spanish at an early age: 
The advantages of starting as soon as possible. 

Starting to learn Spanish at an early age will help your son or daughter to settle a good base for studying Spanish in secondary education without the pressure of any official exam. Additionally this will put him or her at an advantage position compare to the classmates when initiating Spanish at school. 

But more importantly, starting to learn Spanish while being a kid will allow him or her to benefit from specific processes related to the age when compared to adult learning and even teenager learning. Experts suggest that kids rapidly improve the listening comprehension, as well as can easily build up vocabulary without much effort when compared to older learners. 

In the same way, only starting to learn Spanish soon will avoid your kid showing a foreign accent in the future. Experts propose a critical age that determines the student will not be able to produce properly some sounds of the foreign language, some of then considering it around 12 years old (Lennenberg), but others as soon as 6 years old (Flege).

What is clear is that the youngest the learner of a foreign language is, the bigger the achievements will be in the future. 

Our regular Spanish for kids program takes place once a week and each class will last for 1 hour. The price will be 1100 HKD a month for 4 lessons. Each group is strictly limited to only 3-6 students. Contact us for more information about the current available groups.

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The process of building up a new language at an early age: 
Creating the right environment and activities for your kid’s learning. 


In contrast to adults, kids cannot focus for a long period on a single activity, as well as sometimes production skills such as speaking or writing suppose a big step to take and it needs the appropriate time and environment. Many of our Spanish tutors are primary teachers with a vast experience in teaching Spanish, and they are well aware about the way kids learn and acquire a second language. 

Our teachers will use the appropriate learning techniques to get the most from the students, and will provide short activities during the lesson at a suitable pace to keep the their attention. These learning dynamics will also target the interests and main concerns of kids life, as well as they will generate a learning routine that will make the students feel confortable and confident. 

A wide range of activities will be developed, from exercises and practices in the student book and fun and communicative activities in group, to more relaxed activities such as language related crafts, drawing, singing and games, all of them in Spanish and according to the age, goals and profile of the students. 

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Suitable contents for a kid to learn in Spanish as a foreign language:
 Finding the materials that match the student. 


Kids grow fast and at the same pace do change their interests. Besides, not every kid starts learning Spanish at the same age, shows similar goals, or wants to follow identical curriculum. For those reasons there are many different books and resources that can ideally match each of the cases, and we perfectly know all of them. 

Our teachers will choose the appropriate materials for your son/daughter, from lecto-writing materials for the youngest beginners, passing through British curriculum or IB (International Baccalaureate) certified books, to Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR) based manuals. 

Any kid will then be able to join our courses as a beginner regardless of his or her age and interests, as well as any kid that has some previous knowledge in Spanish. 

Is there any official certificate in Spanish as a foreign language for kids? 
DELE for scholars in order to certify the Spanish level of kids. 

DELE is the official Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes certificate that proves the level of Spanish of a foreign student. It takes place twice a year in Hong Kong, hosted by the City University of Hong Kong, and some of our teachers are official examiners in them. The standard DELE exam is for adult students. 

DELE escolar is the exam oriented to candidates under 18, and isoffered to test A1 level or A2/B1, the first three levels of the CEFR. After completing the proper course according to a particular level, kids are eligible to specifically prepare the official exam with close to real exam materials and conditions. 

It should be noted that the Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes recommend DELE escolar to teenagers over 11. This is due to the length of the exam in time, but also given the high number of activities evaluating each of the communicative skills –listening comprehension, reading comprehension, written expression and interaction, and oral expression and interaction; specifically, in the reading comprehension paper each text has around 300 words, making it a total of 1000 words to process in a limited time. Therefore, and following the official guidelines, we recommend our students to take this exam when they are 11 years old up.

Spanish playgroup for introducing Spanish to the very youngest. 


Kids under 6 years old can also start learning Spanish with us. We know that, apart from getting closer to the new language, social skills, friendship and love for learning need to be promoted. And this is exactly what our teachers do in rooms adapted for our smallest students. 

Songs and sounds, movement activities and funny routines will ensure your kid willing to come to the Spanish lesson every week. This will also guarantee your son/daughter performing above the average in school interviews as well as starting a very natural relationship with Spanish language. 

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