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Adult Spanish courses

✨ Why learning Spanish as an adult student?

  • Personal Growth and improved cognitive abilities: Acquiring Spanish will foster your personal growth, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Career Advancement: Spanish will enhance career opportunities. 

  • Travel: Knowing Spanish allows authentic travel experiences in Spanish-speaking countries, fostering new connections. 

  • Social Connections: Make new friends in your Spanish class, connect with a global community of Spanish speakers, forming new friendships expanding your social network.

What to expect:

✅ Guaranteed quality:

  • Taught by native qualified Spanish teachers.

👥  Class Size:

  • Limited to 3-6 students per class.

  • Best learning environment

📚 Content:​

  • Fun and interactive lessons in a well structured program. View course content. 


💰 Price:

  • 22 hours, 3 months course: 4300 HKD.

  • Exclusive online promotion limited time only 4,100 HKD.

📅 Schedule:

  • New openings every month. Follow the link below to see the newest adult beginner course schedule and register online.

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More information about learning Spanish as an adult

Am I suitable to join an adult Spanish group course to learn Spanish at the Spanish Cultural Association ? 

Our adult Spanish courses follow the official program to learn Spanish as a foreign language. They are directed to anyone interested in learning Spanish whatever the reasons beneath are. That is people that want to travel to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country, professionals eager to improve their career and get better opportunities around the world, or simply adults interested in getting closer to Spanish or Latin American culture through language and the intellectual processes derived from learning a foreign language. Convinced about the different profiles of our clients, we will highly adapt our lessons and activities during our group lessons. 

We are also aware that learning a language in adulthood makes us face some extra difficulties, especially when improving our listening comprehension skills or our fluidity in oral expression. For that reason our teaching methodology is an interactive and communicative approach aimed to maximize the time the student practices during the lessons. Also promoting a comfortable, relaxed and motivating experience is needed in order to decrease the stress of making mistakes and transforming them into a powerful tool for learning. 

Smiling College Students
Who is helping me to achieve my goals? 

Our teaching staff is a team  of native Spanish speakers qualified for teaching Spanish as a second language that also take part in a continuous training programme provided by our institution. All of them are deeply motivated to run effective and enjoyable lessons. 

Apart from holding a university degree in teaching and, many of them, having coursed master studies in teaching Spanish, they have a vast experience in teaching adults in institutions of different nature in Hong Kong or other non-Spanish speaking countries, from universities to official language schools and other private companies. 

If one of your goals is getting an official certificate of Spanish as a second language through DELE, the official Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes certificate, some of our teachers are certified as official examiners. This way they can help you to increase your chances to succeed and also achieve a higher grade. Our courses for specifically preparing DELE exams will also fit your needs. 

What am I going to learn if I join? 
Reading Student

Our official program uses a book to cover and learn all the contents of the corresponding level. This Spanish manual also facilitates the follow up of the course by the students and provides exercises for self-practising and revision. 

Our selection of books have shown to be very efficient when providing a learning experience of Spanish as a second language, as well as they are modern and adapted to the last revision of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). They accommodate actual and useful language samples and also cultural contents that work different aspects related to Spain and Latin America. 

When needed the lessons are enriched with extra learning materials provided by our teachers, either from our Spanish library and resources catalogue or with other audiovisual samples accessible on the internet. Here you can learn more about the objectives and contents of a specific level. 

Adult Students

We have courses for all levels from A1 to C1. Below is the information for our A1 course program.

Level A1 (Beginner level)

Total hours: 88 hours

Courses: A1.1 (44hours) and A1.2(44 hours)

Package fees: 4 packs of 22 hours per course pack

Price per pack (3-7 students): 4100 HKD

22hours course in 11 lessons of 2 hours each.

Course A1.1

44 hours

  • Greetings. Alphabet. Ask personal information. Instruction in class.

  • Countries. Nationalities. Language. Numbers. Accent and Questions.

  • Professions. Places of work. Studies. Address format and ordinal numbers.

  • Formal Greetings. Family. Accessories. Age. Colours. New Grammar.

  • Office objects. Currencies. Express existence. Buy objects in a shop.

  • Describe a house/apartment. Describe a room. Furniture. New verbs.

  • Describe a city. Talk about location, express cause. Sports. Activities. Verbs and adverbs.

Course A1.2

44 hours

  • Ask and answer likes and dislikes. Preferences. Weather and time.

  • Talk about daily routine. Regular Verbs. Conjugation and Phrasal Verbs.

  • Talk about work or studies. Frequencies. Professions. Transport.

  • Ask and express ability and knowledge. Adjectives. Opinions. Irregular verbs.

  • Buy food in a shop/supermarket. Ordering in a restaurant. Vocabulary.

  • Important verbs. Articles and quantifiers. Comparisons.

  • Describe the clothes. Accessories. Colours and patterns. Pronouns.


What if I want an official certificate? 

DELE is the former official Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes certificate. Students can register for this exam twice a year in Hong Kong. Some of our teachers are official examiners in DELE, so they will make easier your way to succeed in the exam since they know exactly the structure of the test and the way it is marked. 

After completing an adult course you will be suitable to join a specific short course for preparing DELE, courses designed by our expert teachers. During this particular training you will be able to practice with very close to real exam materials that can serve as mock exams, as well as you will have time to work in small groups in conditions similar to the final test. 

Moreover, our institution is one of the very few accredited centres for running SIELE in Hong Kong, the new official certificate from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Instituto Cervantes and three other universities from Spain, México and Argentina. Although it has the same validity as the DELE it’s an exam you can do online on our premises. In contrast to DELE, an exam where you have to decide in advance which level you want to test yourself in all four different language skills -reading comprehension, listening comprehension, written expression and interaction and oral expression and interaction-, SIELE but will provide you independent grades four each skill. 

I am different! How can you adapt to my needs? 

Adult learning processes can differ deeply form one person to another, and we our very conscious about that. Some of us need a slower or faster pace, some prefer more grammar to feel more confident or, on the contrary, more oral practice to realise which real situations we can face, and some other prefer to join a course only with very close friends in a private group. Even in some cases private individual lessons are more suitable. 

Our team can adapt our well-established courses to your needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries.

Also our institution offers frequent cultural events where students, native Spanish speakers and even teachers gather to practice the language through leisure activities and in a more relaxed environment. Please check our agenda and come to meet us joining any activity of your interest. 

To know more about specific contents of each course or lesson plans do not hesitate to contact us!
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