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International Baccalaureate, IB Spanish exams of its Diploma Programme (DP)

International Baccalaureate has been developed over the last 50 years in order to promote its students global understanding, and for them to get the most from the world’s cultural diversity.

For fulfilling its objectives the IB curriculum highly encourage the global outlook of the students as well as it reinforces their independent enquiry. These skills on your son/daughter will allow him/her to be internationally-minded while considering the local context, and also to critically and challenge assumptions. According to education experts future jobs, if not nowadays ones, put less emphasis on purely cognitive skills but demand individual initiative, personal responsibility, imagination and problem-solving.

As it can be easily seen in the Hong Kong education context, IB curriculum is more and more spread in the city and it is very appreciated by the best universities around the world. Definitely it will greatly increased the opportunities of your son/daughter, as Spanish will do as well.

All our teachers are highly aware of the aims of IB curriculum, and would be the ideal partner to enrich and widen the student cultural outlook since all of them are native speakers, either from Spain or other Latin American countries. Moreover, as a team of well-experienced and trained Spanish teachers, our tutors will specially focus on improving your son’s/daughter’s exam performance. Let’s go for the 7!

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Spanish Ab initio

Spanish Ab initio is intended to students that have never been exposed to this foreign language before. Given that, the main challenge it entails is acquiring an intermediate level of Spanish in just two years before enrolling university.

New 2020 specifications introduce an extra paper on listening comprehension, receptive skill tougher to develop in older students compared to early teenagers and kids. So extra training and hours of exposure are advised for future students of Spanish Ab initio. 

Oral productive skill assessment measures the student’s ability to understand and produce communication in the target language, and more importantly to use it for successful interaction. Therefore, the more opportunities the student has to practice with a native speaker the better chances to get the best outcome in the exam. Our native teachers will be of great help before the exam! 

Don’t wait till last minute and help your son/daughter to face the final Spanish Ab initio paper with a great level of Spanish and no gaps in his/her self-confidence.

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Spanish Language B

Spanish B is a very demanding level of language, and for this reason only students having studied Spanish, at least, for four to five years are eligible to take it. Moreover, students taking it in High Level (HL), compared to those taking Standard Level (SL), will be expected to show an accurate use of more complex language and structures as well as the ability to develop high-order thinking skills in the target language.

Listening comprehension skill will be assessed for first time in 2020, either for SL or HL. Furthermore, students are expected to have been exposed to a variety of texts, linguistic variations and regional accents. Another new feature of the upcoming specifications is the importance of the conceptual understanding and the reflection of this by the student on his/her written expression paper. For testing that, the student will need to decide the appropriate type of text to produce, and accurately adjust the register and style of the written answer. 

Our team of native Spanish teachers of different origins, from Spain but also form other Latin American countries, will undoubtedly be of a lot of help to your son/daughter. They will deeply work the different type of texts and registers, its main characteristics and the appropriate use of them as they would do in real life.

Lastly, another new requirement in the new specifications for 2020 is the study of two literary works originally written in the target language for HL students. They will be expected to develop fluent reading skills, progressing from comprehension to interpretationand inference, what will be assessed through oral assessment. Our native teachers are the ideal companions to practice and use real stimulus for ideas to be explored before the final exam. 

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To know more about specific contents of each course or lesson plans do not hesitate to contact us!
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