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Spanish Courses

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Spanish Playgroup

Experts believe that the younger you are in learning a new language, the more ideal it is. 


The Spanish Playgroup arranged by our institution is an interactive program specially designed for toddlers aged 3 to 5. Lessons are organized by topics following the syllabus to learn Spanish as a foreign language adapted to their age. To encourage children to play and learn themselves under a fully Spanish Speaking environment, parents are excluded in the classroom.


With safety and hygiene guaranteed, they will have their first bite of the language through different materials imported from Spain. Spanish readers, actictivities, games and songs are waiting for the young learners to discover.

Read more about our spanish program for young learners.

Spanish for kids

Inheriting from its counterpart for toddlers, Spanish for Children is designated for pupils who are 6 to 9 years old with the emphasis on activity-based learning. In a systematic combination of reading-writing-listening-speaking exercises, Students will have chances to express themselves in Spanish. Knowledge from previous levels or lessons will be revised regularly to avoid being forgotten.

Read more about our spanish program for young learners.


Spanish for teens

Adolescence is a crucial stage for preparing the knowledge and qualification required for tertiary education and adulthood in terms of language learning. Our programs in The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong take well care of each aspect and ensure they learn effectively and efficiently from our teachers.


Our students will be able to receive an internationally recognised diploma upon completing the required hours of study and reaching the desired level of proficiency, if you opt to take the exams thereafter. Lessons are conducted in a fun but engaging manner so the juveniles learns fruitfully, painlessly and effectually. You can expect a rich variety of topics, content covering grammar and vocabulary as well as Spanish culture introduction.

Read more about our spanish program for teenagers.

Spanish for adults

It is the goal of the association to promote the Spanish language and culture so we run official adult classes. For people who are 18 or above, class will be conducted in Spanish and English, curriculum references the DELE/SIELE syllabus with the focus on practical workplace elements, students could be therefore officially certified after finishing our lessons to enrich your resume. We will explain the concepts clearly but interestingly so as to make your learning journey fruitful and blissful. Being the third most spoken language in the world, you will need Spanish to be a successful cosmopolitan entrepreneur.

Read more in our spanish for adults section.

Adult beginner group class schedule and online registration.

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Spanish for exams

We have been preparing students for the most popular exams like DELE, IGCSE, IB, A levels and HKDSE for more than 10 years. Our premium and expert tutors specialised in exam preparation will ensure that you can achieve your exam goals with our special programs fully exam oriented. You can visit our sections for each exam type to get more relevant information:

DELE Spanish

IGCSE Spanish

IB Spanish

New HKDSE Spanish

To know more about specific contents of each course or lesson plans do not hesitate to contact us!

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