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January 2020

Little Spanish "Kidchen"

Gazpacho, flan, horchata are all the famous Spanish dishes made by our small chefs! With safety and hygiene guaranteed, kids can learn Spanish gastronomy and taste their own cooking pieces, letting them to have a “taste” of sense of achievement.


The latest class features them to cut and mix to make Guacamole. Just look at their smiles when they dip their nacho chips into the guacamole paste they prepared. They can, by that, learn some good food vocabulary like avocado, tomato, onion, etc and other cookery verbs.

Guacamole originates from Mexico. Mexico, like many other Latin American countries, has Spanish as official language. Such experience enables youngsters to learn Hispanic culture and habits.

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April 2019

Spanish Exam Workshop

We usually organize Spanish exam workshop on the eves of different Spanish open exams. Our teachers will provide students with final tips and question solving strategies of the exams. With emphasis on oral practice, students could communicate with each other under a rather relax but topics related to the examination environment. A solid confidence boost before jumping to the exam.



If you are not a regular exam preparation class student, grab the chance and call upon your friends to contact us, you might be entitled to an exclusive Conjugation wheel (above) made by us. Spinning it you will discover all conjugation in different tenses of common verbs. If you are still having a hard time pairing subject and verb conjugation, with this tool at hand, you make it half way to success already.

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December 2019

Festival Celebration

Spain has their unique festivals and customs, like bull fighting in San Fermín, tomato fight in La Tomatina, puppets burning in Las Falles and such. Every year, if possible, we will have a celebration around these important festival dates so as to let HongKongers experience the Spanish festive spirit.

Have you ever heard of Three Kings’ Day? Christmas and Boxing Day is said to be to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and the three kings who arrived to his manger to give him gold, Frankincense and myrrh respectively. There is, however, another belief in western countries that the dates of kings arrival were actually fifth and sixth of January; and it’s called Epiphany or the Three Kings’ Day, and so in Spain, every year on these 2 days, there will be huge celebration activities, including a parade that give away sweets, unwrapping presents, Christmas feasts and so on. In Catalonia region, there are human towers so called “Castells” (above) to celebrate. 5th and 6th January 2019 were Saturday and Sunday, the association had present swapping and feast party going overnight.

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September 2019

Junk Trip with Spanish Teachers

Can you name one of the activities Hong Kong expats love to do? Junk boat party! Follow us to a yachting party could grant you three wishes: enjoying the sun and the blue, making new hispanophone friends and learning how to greet and say hello in Spanish. ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo te llamas? ¿De dónde eres? ¡Vamos a jugar! from your lesson finally have their place to shine. No idea what I’m writing? Join our adult group class now. With one package, you will be able to master how to introduce yourself properly in Spanish!


If you are interested in joining our Spanish junk boat trip, please register before August 2019. First come first serve.

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March 2019

Spanish Art & Music Jamming Club

Those who are passionate in arts and music formed this club. Sometimes they will exchange artistic ideas with the association members, music jamming, and teaching one another how to draw; sometimes playing their music instruments like a mini-concert; sometimes forming a team to visit art museum and exhibition, touring and explaining the story and history behind artworks.


Apart from teaching Spanish, our members in the association are multi-talented. In Spain history of arts, there were Pablo Picasso, Diego Velázquez whose paintings you must have seen; history of music was not bad either, many guitarists were produced during romantic period. Do you know that the infamous default ring tone of Nokia is taken from the Waltz piece of Francisco Tárrega? Therefore, many modern Spaniards love to study arts in university and are into playing guitar very much.


June 2019

Spanish Film Screening

Assorted interesting box office hits in Spain – enjoy the melodrama and learn daily Spanish at once. Ask our teacher when you can’t follow deepens your feeling of the film and memory of the language used.


The recent comedy Lo dejo cuando quiera (translate to: I Can Quit Whenever I Want) depicts a chemistry teacher giving up his teaching position in a university to become a millionaire drug dealer. Join him and his friends to carry on the emotional roller coaster, facing challenges on family, friendship and career. If you wish to know more or watch the replay, please facebook inbox us or contact us to inquire.

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