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El verbo gustar y otros verbos similares (o no)

Verb gustar, to like, is one of the first grammar points to learn when starting to study Spanish. And it makes sense since expressing what you like or dislike is one of the very useful functions when speaking with a native person.


But unlike English, verb gustar does not work as a common verb to be combined with subject pronouns, but it is a verb that uses indirect object pronouns. So normally it is the first time students face these type of pronouns along the course.


Apart from that, verb gustar and other verbs of this type, like encantar and interesar, also follow a set of rules that can give a headache to the student despite being easy to understand one by one. 

Other verbs like odiar, to hate, or preferir, to prefer, work as common verbs to be conjugated according to the subject pronoun and do not use indirect object pronouns. So at the end, having them altogether in a written composition or dialogue and using all of them properly can be challenging.


Finally, although expressions to show agreement or disagreement are same, they are introduced differently depending if we are using a verb like gustar or one like odiar.  

The following activities will help you to learn, understand and practice all the mentioned issues.




ELE Actual A1 Lección 9

Aula internacional 1 Unidad 5

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