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Familia y parentescos

In order to describe our family in Spanish we need to master the conjugation of some verbs like llamarse, ser, estar and tener, as well as we need to know how to use possessives.


But obviously first of all we have to learn all the different family relationships. So here we provide some exercises that will help you to revise them and, maybe, learn some new words.


Keep in mind that family relationships like hermano are nouns, and therefore they change singular to plural following some general orthographic rules. Also, unlike other nouns for non-animated things like mesa or libro, nouns that describe people can change in gender in most of the cases. However they do it in different ways, sometimes just changing the ending but in other cases changing the whole word.





ELE Actual A1 Lección 5

Aula internacional 1 Unidad 5

Understand your mistakes in the previous exercise, if any, and also to be able to complete the following exercise successfully.

¿Conoces los parentescos para hablar de la familia política?
Une el principio de la frase con su final adecuado
Parentescos complementarios
Parentescos heterónimos
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