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Permisos y favores

Asking for permission, asking for a favour or asking for help are communicative functions quite easy to understand and respond by a non-native Spanish speaker. However, these phrases are not so straightforward to produce, since they hide some grammar aspects that deserve some attention.


The register is also an important aspect of the language usage when asking for permission, asking for a favour or asking for help, given that depending on our appropriate performance we will get what we need or we will face a negative answer. Some speech acts for getting the attention of people are also useful in this type of situations.


Here we provide some activities that take into account the aspects mentioned above and that will definitely help you to revise the grammar and appropriately produce such type of phrases.




ELE Actual A1 Lección 10

Aula internacional 2 Unidad 4 / Aula internacional Plus 2 Unidad 5

Permiso, favor o ayuda

Use this button for revising the grammar of the structures classified in the activity above.

¿Tú o usted?

Use this button for reading the phrases you have already classified in the activity above.

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