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Our Courses

Our Courses follow the official curriculum to learn spanish as a foreign language to make sure you can get your spanish level certified.

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Here at The Spanish Cultural Association, our mission is simple: spread the Spanish culture, teach the beautiful language, and share the rich history - right here in Hong Kong. Learn more about our organization here.

Study at any level, from beginner to expert.



If you’re looking to start a Spanish course soon, The Spanish Cultural Association provides Spanish courses for kids, teens, and adults, whereby each Spanish class is taught by one of our qualified native speakers. Learn more about our spanish courses here.

Business People How to Communicate

Workplace Spanish


We serve several corporations with in-house Spanish lessons. Some of our clients include F.C Barcelona Cortefiel, Zara, and more.

Expand Your Vocabulary
and range of expressions 

Conversation Lab


With our special Spanish lessons and workshops based on conversation, which we offer to both our intermediate and advanced students, you’ll have no excuse for not putting your Spanish into practice! With each Spanish class, we assure that both your vocabulary and range of expressions will only get better!

Our seasonal promotions
  • Adult group classes | 20% off 
  • Bring a friend | 300 HKD off
Strengthen your Spanish with our exam preparation courses.

Exam Preparation


Whether you’re taking the IGCSE, IB,  DELE, SAT, A-levels and HKDSE we have prepared numerous students for the most popular exam boards in Hong Kong.

Why learning spanish?

Easy to Learn

Due to its many similarities to the English language, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for anglophones. In addition, Spanish pronunciation is quite straightforward so that you’ll easily know how to pronounce a word,even if you’ve never seen it before. When you learn Spanish, you’ll realize that the Spanish grammar has more variation, but also includes some parallels with basic grammar -so you’ll be able to hold a meaningful conversation whether you’re travelling to South America or conversing with native speakers here in Hong Kong!

2nd Most Spoken Language 

Spanish is the second most spoken language in terms of native speakers and is alsothe third most known language in the world after English and Chinese. In addition, Spanish is alsothe second language in the United States; most widelyused in states like California and Florida. All Central and South American countries, excluding Brazil, have Spanish as their official language. 

Enrich Your Travel Experience

It’s not just about taking a Spanish course or a lesson to fill in the time, it’s about enrichening your overall travel experience. When you know the language of the place you’re travelling to, you’ll be ableto interact with the locals and to experience things that others won’tbe able to.While you can still travel to countries like Spain, Mexico or Argentina without knowing any Spanish, taking a Spanish course will help you to move around a lot easier when you’re there!

How to prepare your learning journey?

  • Get used to native Spanish environment from young age

  • Strive to strengthen vocabulary and grammar during school years

  • Find an experienced teacher to help you prepare your high school exams to achieve flying colours

  • Advance to higher DELE level, shine sharply in workplaces

Daryl Yu

I've been attending Spanish lessons at The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong  for quite some time now, the teachers are all extremely helpful and professional yet are still are capable of having fun - unlike most centers. I highly enjoy their teaching methods as they're engaging, helpful and enjoyable. On top of that, their coordinators Antonio and David are always available to help you with any questions or doubts that you may encounter regarding your learning path, goals, learning approach, self-learning or methods in order to prepare for certain Spanish exams.

Tracy Ho

I like the style of this place more than  language centers out there. Their coordinators are much easier to deal with and are very responsive. I can feel the people I deal with are passionate about doing this,especially my teacher - he’s been very supportive. He’s willing to answer my questions, and to also provide good feedback on my writing and speaking. I appreciate his patience,and also his sense of humor. Also, I appreciate the flexibility the school gives me. This is especially important for working people. It’s been a good experience so far,and I’d recommend it to my friends who want to learn Spanish!

Kelly Cheng

I was lucky to have Nacho as my Spanish tutor for my International Baccalaureate (IB). Not only did he know the exam syllabus very well, but he was also familiar with even the typical questions that teachers ask each year for the oral exam.So, in my case,I knew the type of questions that my teacher would ask, which enabled me to prepare well in advance. This definitely gave me a competitive advantage. He was knowledgeable with the exam drills, which improved my writing skills and pulled my grades up. Thank you,Nacho!

Catherine Wong

My son Alaric,who is 15 years old,has been taking small group lessons at The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong for almost 4 years. In the beginning, he was learning just for fun, but the lessons were really interactive,and he really enjoyed them. Following this, he started preparing for the IGCSE exam, and finally received an A* since the huge motivation he received from this Spanish course. There’s now a big difference in just how interested he is in Spanish since from when he first started learning… I am very satisfied with his progress and final results, thank you very much!

香港西班牙文化會 - The Spanish Cultural Association of Hong Kong

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CANCELLATION POLICY, PAYMENTS AND CHANGESPlease note that cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance.For sick leave, 2 hours notification in advance is required with doctor note provided. Otherwise missed lessons will be charged.Cancellation and make up arrangement must be made via Whatsapp.